Tuesday, 15 May 2012

GOSH Monster

 This BIG guy is called Threeheadedscarysaurus.

GOSH monsters is a charity book by project founder Clark Beecroft, with all profits raised from the book going directly to Great Ormond Street Hospital. The GOSH Monsters book aims to help raise awareness around the hospital, its humbling patients and the dedicated medical staff, through the creativity of children.
136 children from 33 different schools within every borough of London, along with 4 in-patients at GOSH, were involved in the project and worked together to create 34 incredibly unique and imaginative characters.
Preserving the creativity and originality of these monsters, a group of illustrators transformed and developed the original drawings to create professional interpretations that sit alongside the children’s designs within the GOSH Monsters book.  The monsters have been further brought to life through an inventive narrative that links these one-off creations together. 

Thanks go to Clark Beecroft for inviting me to join in with this great cause. 

Order your copy here http://www.goshmonstersbook.com/shop/ All profit to go to Great Ormond Street Hospital.

Here is the original monster designed by Brampton Primary School.


maxime delalande said...

very cool !

Nic said...

What a fantastic idea! Kids have the best creative concepts.